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World Wetlands Day 2020

World Wetlands Day – 2nd February 2020

World Wetland Day 2020 Events
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Workshop on the Wetland Guide

Is that a wetland?!

We had a fantastic turnout today at our workshop with the National Biodiversity Data Centre, and hosted by the Cabragh Wetland Centre on the new wetland guide. Faith Wilson delivered the course, and it was attended by a diverse group including ecologists, interested individuals, and others who need to identify wetlands as part of their jobs. It was agreed by all, that no matter how much of an expert you are, it can just be really tricky to identify some wetland habitats! Faith did a great indoor session as we worked our way through the guide – she told us all about the key wetland indicators to look out for. We headed out in the afternoon to identify some of the Cabragh Wetland Centre’s wetlands. Check out some more images from the day.

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NUIG conference

Who thinks what about wetlands?

Back in June 2016, the Irish Ramsar Wetlands Committee engaged with wetland scientists, engineers and students attending the Inaugural International Conference on Natural and Constructed Wetlands hosted by National University of Ireland Galway. IRWC wanted to explore the perceptions of the conference delegates with respect to Ramsar and wetland conservation generally. You can find out more here

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IRWC visits Pollardstown Fen

IRWC visits Pollardstown Fen

Last Friday, IRWC visited Pollardtown Fen located near Newbridge in County Kildare. Pollardstown  is perhaps the biggest fen in Ireland, and a real mosaic of plant communities fed by dozens of calcareous springs. The site is well used by the public, facilitated by a boardwalk circuit through the southern part of the site. There were significant challenges several years back associated with managing the flooding at the site during the construction of the Kildare Bypass. The fen habitat is best managed through grazing, and currently there are associated difficulties relating to finding suitable stock for grazing a ‘wet’ site, combined with the management of stock in a heavily-visited public amenity area.

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IRWC launches new Wetland Guide

IRWC Launch New Wetlands Guide

The Committee are delighted to announce the launch of our very own wetland guide for Ireland. The guide is illustrated with lots of high-quality images and is designed to be brought into the field. It provides a step by step approach on identifying any wetland in Ireland. A PDF version is available here.

You may also download the FIELD SURVEY FORM separately.

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The Value of Wetlands – Investing in Nature for Climate, Conservation & Community

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